Looking back to the beginning….PLAS CURIG HOSTEL-the refurbishment!

We felt it was about time we posted some pics of what the old hostel used to look like after many customer requests!

We started on the 4th January 2011 and Finished on the 16th July 2011….it was 7 1/2 months of LOTS of builders, LOTS of rubble and LOTS of decisions!
The first thing we did was cut down the overgrown trees outside to let some light into the windows and to warm up the building! We also replaced ALL the windows and re-painted. Groundworks are still on-going but will be fabulous when its finished! πŸ™‚The outsideHostel from the roadTree FreeNOW


First impressions: through the front door, the hall was very drab and very claustrophobic. We replaced the flooring with something a little more practical and opened up the space exchanging the old reception and catering kitchen for a funky lounge space…Entrace hallFirst Impressions!The old reception

the shell of our new lounge!Scaffold boards with a paint effectScaffold boards with paint effectNext we tackled the TV room, finding a beautiful old fireplace under the horrendous one we pulled out! The old LoungeOld fireplaceNew fireplace!Our LoungeNext the Dining Room,

We wanted this to be less ‘school dining room’ and more individual eating spaces to suit large and small groups. We used the old floorboards (1901) from the entrance hall and put them on the walls so as not to waste them!

The old dining roomCreating separate seating areasOur Dining RoomThe Kitchen was moldy, freezing and ill-equipped…We opened it up to one room instead of two and damp proofed and fitted it with the old stainless steel worktops in a funky modern setting..Old Kitchen

Our Bathrooms went from separate shower and toilet blocks of which there were 4 showers DOWNSTAIRS for 54 people and 8 toilets UPSTAIRS! Now we have 8 private bathrooms some upstairs, with an extra WC. Who wants to shower downstairs and run upstairs in their towel in front of people checking in! NOT US! Old Tiny Wetrooms downstairsToilets upstairsThe most exciting part was transforming the bedrooms! We had great fun designing the bunkbeds…We hope you enjoyed our before and after photo’s! It was designed by Owner Amy who was inspired by funky hostels Malaysia along with the loving help of her father Philip who has a passion for modern interiors which complimented her love of the old and rustic. Also check out Jane McIntyre Design a lady who helped us with resourcing materials at an extra cheap price to suit our budget, being an experienced interior designer meant our refurbishment went smoothly and quickly!

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